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2019 Shandong General Social Survey (SGSS) was formally started
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On July 9, the launching ceremony of Shandong General Social Survey (SGSS) was held in Qingdao Campus of Shandong University. Professor Chu Chengya, deputy director of Institute of Contemporary Socialism of Shandong University; Liu Lin, deputy director of Institute of Governance; Sang Weilin, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of School of Political Science and Public administration; Professor Xie Lei, Institute of Public Governance; Professor Li Jintao, director of data center of Institute of Governance, attending the ceremony and delivered speeches. The launching ceremony was host by Xu Yang, the project manager of 2019 SGSS. The financial secretary Yu Yingxue, members of SGSS project team and more than 200 investigators participated in the ceremony.

Professor Chu Chengya firstly welcomed the investigators and pointed out that the responsibility and challenge of the survey work were great. The final data obtained depended on whether the investigators had enough courage, wisdom and patience, and whether they carried out all kinds of work according to process specifications in the process of project implementation. I hope that the researchers can get exercise and experience in the process of participation, and gain a deeper understanding of society. In her speech, Professor Liu Lin said that the successful development of Shandong SGSS project can not be separated from hard work and accumulation. He encouraged investigators to uphold the belief of pursuing science and cherish the opportunities of learning and growth in research. Meanwhile, he pointed out that the breadth and depth of investigators'cognitive society can be enhanced through data collection. It is of great significance to realize the role of social investigation in promoting social development. Professor Sang Weilin proposed that investigators should integrate into society in experiencing society, hone their will in hard environment, and integrate knowledge with practice in research and thinking. They should not only grow up in knowledge, but also make progress in practice. Xie Lei, a researcher, said that large-scale comprehensive social survey activities include three important links: research design, project implementation and data processing, and emphasized the importance of Shandong SGSS project in academic research, policy research and think tank construction. Mr. Li Jintao introduced the background and general situation of Shandong SGSS project to the investigators with data. He also shared his experience with the investigators and encouraged the students to integrate their feelings into the research process. In addition, the researcher shared her feelings on behalf of Zhang Hexin. She suggested that the feelings in the process of data collection were more unforgettable and precious than the results of data collection. She believed that the bitterness experienced at present would eventually precipitate into sweetness in memories.


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