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Liu Lin <On "Scientism" in Research Approach of Crisis Management:A Perspective of Hayek>
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On “Scientism” in Research Approach of Crisis Management:A Perspective of Hayek


All research work will deal with the issues of Research Approach. The study of crisis management is no exception. Research Approach are not methods, but the origins and prerequisites of specific methodology and methods. Research Approach bases on different ontological and epistemological premises that represent the different attitudes and answers towards the question of“what is the best research”. Scientific approach is currently the mainstream of crisis management research work. Hayek unique theories of knowledge may help us to reflect on these issues in research approach of crisis management and avoid the dogmatism of scientism. His theories may also help us to distinguish the difference between natural sciences research approach and social sciences research approach in different arenas of crisis management research, and be aware of different research levels and research dimensions of the same object of crisis management,providing us a new perspective to look into the research work of crisis management.


crisis management,research approach,scientism,Hayek

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