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How Are Private Entrepreneurs Organized? A Study Based on the Business Associations Affiliated with Guangdong FIC
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How Are Private Entrepreneurs Organized? A Study Based on the Business Associations Affiliated with Guangdong FIC

Huang Dongya & Zhang Hua

Abstract: The state control has long been considered to disorganize the Chinese society.Recent studies show that variables other than state control need to be explored.With the case study and questionnaire analysis of the business associations affiliated with Guangdong Federation of Industry and Commerce,this article has the following arguments.Firstly, neither collective action nor state control can explain the variation of business organization.By contrast,whether a business association enjoy enough resources is a key issue. Government connections,market resources and fellow villager network all contribute to the business organizations.Secondly,the degree of activity is different from the membership of the business associations and they are supported by different factors; even if they have enough resources,the business associations are hard to be accountable to their members.Thirdly,institutions which aim to organize the members can promote the membership of business associations.These institutions with the resources can eventually promote the organization of business interests.

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